The challenge

Drug-resistant bacteria are on the rise

Drug-resistant bacteria are a global threat with millions of infections worldwide and tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.
Various “killer-bugs” such as MRSA or Carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae cannot be treated with common antibiotics anymore.

The challenge of patient isolation

Pre-emptive isolation of risk patients effectively reduces infection rates. However, unnecessary pre-emptive isolation is a big financial burden for hospitals.

Lack of rapid diagnostic tools

Conventional diagnostics usually require several days and do not allow rapid and informed decisions. This increases the risk for the patient and leads to tremendously increased healthcare costs.

The solution

Increase safety by rapid screening

SpinDiag will rapidly detect drug resistant bacteria directly from patient samples. This allows screening of patients during hospital admission for dangerous bacteria, thus keeping the hospital clean and the patients safe.


SpinDiag will enable the parallel identification of the 30 most prevalent drug resistances in bacterial pathogens, such as MRSA, VRE and carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae. With an ultrafast polymerase chain reaction (PCR), SpinDiag will provide unparalleled molecular diagnostic knowledge at the point-of-need.


Our system consists of a small and portable processing device with a competitive price and inexpensive disposable cartridges for diagnostics. By avoiding pre-emptive isolation due to broad screening with SpinDiag, already small hospitals with 1000 admission / year could save > 200,000 €.

How it works

Convenient workflow

Our LabDisk system provides laboratory-grade PCR results
directly from a swab sample fast and at the point-of-need.
The complete work-flow is fully automated
in a portable and easy-to-use instrument.
It features sample preparation, pre- and main amplification
with ultrafast PCR assays.

Who we are

The team

The founder team Dr. Gregor Czilwik, Dr. Mark Keller, Dominique Kosse, Dr. Daniel Mark, Dr. Frank Schwemmer, and Dr. Oliver Strohmeier worked together at several R&D projects at Hahn-Schickard for more than 7 years. The seasoned serial start-up entrepreneur Dr. Michael Lauk completes the team. The following advisors with more than 30 years business experience in the diagnostic market supplement the team.

Prof. Dr. Roland Zengerle, Professor at Hahn-Schickard
PD Dr. Felix von Stetten, University of Freiburg
Dr. Hendrik Hüdig, former head of R&D at Roche Diagnostics
Dr. Norbert Oranth, former head of System Technologies at Roche
Manfred Augstein, CEO velixX GmbH
Dr. Thomas Keiser, Business Consulting for the Healthcare Market